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Just opened:  Pre-dialysis diet clinic at Laniado for complex kidney disease patients in the final stage before dialysis treatment

kidneyIn response to scarcity of nephrology dietitians at the health funds and the lengthy waiting time for an appointment, Laniado has just opened a diet clinic for patients in the final stage of kidney disease before dialysis treatment.  

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New cervical clinic is opening at Laniado

dr latkoLaniado Hospital is continuing to expand  its medical services.  A new clinic for the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the cervix is set to open next week. Heading the clinic will be Dr. Yitzhak Latko, a senior gynecologist who has been involved in this field for over 30 years.  

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Laniado ER Opens Ambulatory Wing

ERLaniado Hospital's Department of Emergency Medicine has just opened an Ambulatory Wing for patients who can walk unassisted.  The new wing, which includes a first-aid station, examination stations, consultation rooms, and an EKG testing room, will provide "fast-track" care when appropriate and shorten waiting time in the Emergency Room, increasing ER efficiency in general.

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Director of Laniado's Orthopedics Department Training Senior Orthopedists in North to Perform Innovative Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr PicardDr. Claude Picard, Director of the Department of Orthopedics at Laniado Hospital, is training senior physicians in the north of Israel to perform anterior hip replacement surgery.  
Developed in Europe about five years ago, the minimally invasive procedure was performed last year for the first time in Israel – at Laniado.    The innovative surgery eliminates major problems associated with traditional hip-replacement surgery.   

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Laniado Hospital Carries Out Its First Spinal Operation

spinal operationSurgery Performed by Dr. Gad Velan, President of the Israel Spine Society, and Chief of Spine Surgery at Laniado
Laniado Hospital recently carried out its first spinal operation.  The surgery was performed by Dr. Gad Velan, President of the Israel Spine Society, and chief of spine surgery at Laniado.  
"I feel terrific and thank Dr. Gad Velan for his dedicated treatment," said Shimon Shacham, a 76-year-old resident of Netanya, who has been riding bicycles for many years and underwent surgery for a slipped disc.  I hope to resume sports activities soon"

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The Academic Track at Laniado's Tessler School of Nursing Graduates its First Class

nurse graduationFestive graduation ceremony for the first 26 graduates of the Academic Tessler School of Nursing;  degree granted by Ruppin Academic Center
The first commencement ceremony for the joint nursing program conducted by the Ruppin Academic Center in cooperation with Laniado Hospital's Academic Tessler School of Nursing took place recently, with 26 graduates receiving their BSN (Bachelor of Nursing Science) degrees.  Among those present were Prof. Galia Sabar, President of the Ruppin Academic Center, and the Center's academic and administrative staff, the management of Laniado Hospital and the Nursing School staff, and family members.  
Fully 100% of the graduates passed the government's stringent nursing examinations and most of them are already working in various departments at Laniado.

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Conference for region's family doctors at Laniado's Oncology Institute

laniado logoDozens of doctors from the Sharon region affiliated with all the health funds attended a special conference for family physicians organized recently by Laniado Hospital's Oncology Institute.  The conference dealt with new developments in the field oncology with a focus on cooperation between the Oncology Institute and family physicians.