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Special First Responders Training Course Held at Laniado

LanxnerJoint effort of The Home Front Command and Laniado
Laniado Hospital's Emergency Preparedness Unit recently trained some 30 staff members and volunteers to deal with emergency situations that require immediate intervention.  The First Responders course is designed to train staff and volunteers to provide rescue and relief during mass disasters such as an earthquake.   
The Emergency Preparedness Unit deals with the preparedness of the Medical Center for various emergency situations - multi-casualty events, war, terror events involving non-conventional elements and more.  The work is carried out under the supervision of the Home front Command and the Emergency Division of the Ministry of Health.  

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Hydrosonography testing now available at Laniado

dr WeintraubWomen living in the center of Israel and the Sharon region will now have access to hydrosonography examinations – a minimally invasive ultrasound procedure that can determine if there are abnormalities that could interfere with pregnancy

The test - a 3D ultrasound imaging scan of the uterus and the fallopian tubes  that does not entail exposure to x-ray or iodine - will be performed by the director of the IVF Unit at Laniado, and deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department, Dr. Amir Weintraub.
The test is used to assess infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, irregular bleeding, and to check and rule out suspicious findings such as polyps, adhesions, obstructions, malformations, and more. Also makes it possible to evaluate the uterine cavity in advance of  IVF treatment
The scan, which is widely used throughout the world, is playing a growing role in Israel as a substitute for a hysteroscopy or photo of the womb.

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First Head-Neck Surgery at Laniado

dr polakDr. Jeffrey Pollack, head of  New ENT Institute, performs complex parotid operation

Dr. Jeffrey Pollack, head of Laniado Hospital's newly opened Ear, Nose and Throat Institute, and an internationally renowned ENT specialist, recently performed complex parotid (salivary) gland surgery to remove a recurrent tumor in the cheek, ear, and neck region.
“We used a special facial nerve monitor to follow the progress of the surgery in order to prevent damage to the nerve that controls the facial movements and to treat the scar tissue from the previous operation,” said Dr. Pollack, who has performed hundreds of similar operations abroad. 

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Just opened:  Pre-dialysis diet clinic at Laniado for complex kidney disease patients in the final stage before dialysis treatment

kidneyIn response to scarcity of nephrology dietitians at the health funds and the lengthy waiting time for an appointment, Laniado has just opened a diet clinic for patients in the final stage of kidney disease before dialysis treatment.