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Diabetic Foot Clinic Opens

roman liberzonA “diabetic foot” clinic has just opened at Laniado Hospital’s Gabriel Cabra Bildirici Diabetes Center. Headed by orthopedic specialist Dr. Roman Liebersohn, the clinic offers a holistic response to the range of issues facing diabetics. In addition to medical treatment as well as rinsing and suction of the wound, and cutting out the necrosis and closing the edges of the wound to speed up recovery, the clinic offers services such as: consultation with a dietician, stabilizing blood sugar level by an endocrinologist, consultation with an infectious disease specialist if the wound becomes infected and more. "We provide comprehensive care under one roof, without long waiting times for various experts,” says Dr. Liebersohn.

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Rheumatology Clinic Opens at Laniado

dr chaviv

Laniado Hospital is offering a new service to residents of the Sharon Region - the opening of a new rheumatology clinic. Many patients suffer from various rheumatological diseases that affect joints and muscles, impeding their daily functioning due to severe pain.   

Until now, patients in need of treatment by rheumatic specialists were forced to travel long distances to medical centers in the center of the country.

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Number of Interns at Laniado to Increase by 50%

Prof shimoniIn a vote of confidence in the teaching staff at Laniado Hospital, the Ministry of Health has announced that it is increasing the number of interns in the hospital’s departments by 50%. This added manpower will make it possible to significantly improve the quality of health care provided to patients.  
Laniado has been affiliated with the prestigious faculty of Medicine at the Technion for five years, serving as a teaching unit for interns.   The Ministry of Health decision acknowledges the high quality of teaching by department heads and senior physicians who train the interns, in addition to their routine work treating patients. 

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Laniado Hosts Symposium for Physiotherapists who Treat Pre-Term Babies

A symposium for physiotherapists who treat premature babies was recently held at Laniado Hospital.  The daylong event included lectures by members of the hospital’s medical and paramedical staff, at as well as a discussion on the key role played by physiotherapists as members of the holistic treatment team.  The Ministry of Health requires hospitals to have physiotherapist positions in their neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in proportion to the number of births at the hospital.