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The First Person to Undergo a Scan with Laniado Hospital’s New CT Machine was Wounded in the Rocket Attack on Moshav Mishmeret


A new CT device, manufactured by General Electric, was introduced this week into Laniado’s Department of Emergency Medicine (ER).    Some one and a half million dollars was invested in the purchase of the device and the construction of an examination room, which is located right in the ER, enabling a precise and rapid diagnosis of injuries and ailments, without the need to send patients elsewhere for testing.

The first patient to undergo imaging tests with the device was wounded in the Hamas rocket attack on Moshav Mishmeret, this past Sunday morning, March 25.  

The new device is the latest in a flurry of development at the Imaging Department.
In several months, two digital DR X-ray rooms are scheduled to open, at an investment of $ 500,000.

"I am pleased that we succeeded in activating the new CT so quickly, in about a month and a half of intensive work,” said Nadav Chen, CEO of Laniado.   “This is a truly good news for the residents of Netanya and the Sharon Region.  The wait for CT scans will be significantly shortened, making it possible to provide quick and efficient treatment. I wish a speedy recovery to our patient from Moshav Mishmeret along with all the others who were wounded in the rocket attack.”

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Laniado Twins with Baltimore’s Sinai Hospital

twin hospitals1

At a festive ceremony today at the Ministry of Health, in the presence of Deputy Minister MK Rabbi Yaakov Litzman, a twinned hospitals agreement was signed  between Laniado Hospital in Netanya and Sinai Hospital in Baltimore

A Twinned Hospitals Agreement was signed today between Laniado Hospital in Netanya and Sinai Hospital in Baltimore – two hospitals that are similar in size, with about 400 beds, and serve as medical centers for large surrounding communities.  This arrangement has the backing of Deputy Minister of Health, MK Rabbi Yaakov Litzman, as part of his view that strengthening cooperation between the health system in Israel and health systems around the world will contribute significantly both to the system and to the patients.

Sinai is a Jewish-run hospital that treats tens of thousands of patients throughout the year, regardless of religion, race, or gender. Dr. Jonathan Ringo, President and CEO of Sinai, who visited Laniado several times, was highly impressed by the clinical work he witnessed there.   "I am moved by the dedication of the Laniado staff, which cares for every individual, no matter who he or she is,” Dr. Ringo said at the ceremony.   “The hospital relies on donations and one-time payments by the Government. This is a huge challenge and I am certain we can learn a lot from you."

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Case of Rare Nile Fever Treated at Laniado

prof shimoni NEW

A patient suffering from the rare disease Nile fever, with suspected damage to the nervous system - characterized by memory loss and loss of consciousness - recently arrived at Laniado Hospital.

After being diagnosed and treated at the Department of Internal Medicine B, and pronounced healthy, she was released home.   
In a study published some 18 years ago– the first-of-a-kind in the world - conducted at Laniado, under the direction of Prof. Zvi Shimoni, it was found that a large number of antibodies that neutralize the virus are found in the plasma of Israelis - and not in the plasma of Americans. The research, which was published in several international journals, received recognition from infectious disease experts around world. Laniado then developed a treatment for Nile fever based on a solution derived from the plasma of Israelis.  In 2001, a cancer patient with a serious case of Nile fever recovered after receiving the treatment.  It is administered in life-threatening cases, as well as to treat other infectious and malignant diseases.  

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Hatzala Volunteers Join Laniado’s Emergency Department



More than twenty United Hatzala volunteer EMT's have joined Laniado Hospital’s Department of Emergency Medicine, serving as an important source of support and assistance in the department that works 24/7.

Hatzala operates this project in 15 hospitals throughout Israel.
Following a lengthy training process in which areas of cooperation were identified, a ceremony was held at which departmental IDs were distributed to the volunteers.  “Working in the Emergency Department is not simple,” said Yehudit Isaacs, supervising nurse of the Emergency Department and a Hatzala volunteer herself. "It entails working around the clock, and often involves difficult cases that require an immediate response - sometimes while fighting for the patient’s life. There is tremendous pressure and the addition of trained personnel to the treatment staff is very significant.  I greatly admire your willingness to contribute your time, knowledge and experience in the field to help the patients. "

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Training Israel’s Next Generation of Doctors


Two department heads at Laniado appointed to senior positions on the Residency Committee of the Israel Medical Association Scientific Council

Dr. Yaakov Schechter and Dr. Vered Hermush, directors of Laniado Hospital’s Pediatric and Geriatric Departments respectively, were recently chosen to serve on the Residency Committee of the Israel Medical Association’s Scientific Council, which is responsible for maintaining high scientific standards during the process of training of future doctors – from their studies and through residency.  
After weighing clinical and academic factors, the Residency Committee determines whether a hospital department is capable of conducting a residency program, which includes clinical experience, research, and intensive study in the area of specialization, while tending to patients under the supervision of senior physicians.  While the program places heavy responsibility and a considerable teaching burden on the shoulders of the senior physicians, the department gains the services of eager, young, and energetic staff members.