Institutions & Clinics Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology)
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Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology) Department



Dr. Zeev

Mr. Avi Hamdi

Department Director:                                
Dr. Ze'ev Feuchtwanger

Chief Radiologist:
Mr. Avi Chemdi



The Diagnostic Imaging Department at Laniado performs testing and treatment procedures, including: fluoroscopy, X-ray, angiography, ultrasound, uterine imaging, mammography, and CT scans. Treatments are carried out in the invasive radiology unit, which is the only unit in Israel that performs gastrostomy. The department serves the hospital departments, the health funds, the Ministry of Defense, and private patients.

The Imaging Department staff aspires to perform tests at the highest professional level, using advanced methods and modern equipment. The department works to provide courteous service at maximum speed and availability, to the patient, referring physicians, and hospital departments, in accordance with Jewish law and in the spirit of the hospital’s founder, the late Admor of Sanz.

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Diagnostic Imaging Department

Department Staff

8 specialist physicians and 15 certified X-ray technicians.


Tests Performed by the Imaging Department

Radiography (X-Ray)

Chest X-ray (including routine imaging before courses such as scuba diving, for job applications, chest X-ray using copper filter)

Abdominal X-ray

Skeletal X-ray (including for scoliosis)



Digestive tract

  • Esophagus, stomach, and duodenum
  • Small intestine
  • Barium enema test for large intestine

Urinary tract

  • Cystography
  • Intravenous urogram

Uterine imaging



Interventional Radiology

Percutaneous gastrostomy

Angiography (for testing and treatment)

Insertion of central catheters for intravenous access:


Fistulaplasty (widening of fistula for dialysis)

Insertion of filter into vein

Embolization of malformation

ERCP—endoscopy of gall bladder and pancreas

Percutaneous cholecystostomy

Drainage of liver

Drainage of bladder

Drainage of abscesses

Fluoroscopy drainage/puncture



Diagnostic Ultrasound


Urinary tract


Soft tissues

Skeletal system

Thyroid gland

Doppler of neck arteries

Doppler of leg arteries


Interventional Ultrasound

Biopsies of various body parts under ultrasound guidance

Puncture and drainage under ultrasound guidance



Breast X-ray

Breast biopsy

Breast ultrasound



Computerized Tomography (CT)


Office Working Hours

Sun.- Thu: 8:00-20:30

Fri: 8:00-12:00

Patients from the health funds and from the Ministry of Defense are received between 8:00 am -1:00 pm for standard x-rays only.

Important: It is necessary to make an appointment for all tests, except for standard x-rays.

Appointments must be made for invasive procedures with the unit's secretary.
Phone: 972-9-8604231.

For standardprocedures appointments are made in the Radiology Department. Instructions will be given for the procedure.
Phone: 972-9-8604631.


Contact Us


Phone: 972-9-8604631

Fax: 972-9-8604611


For invasive Radiology please call the Angio department:

Phone: 972-9-8609231



Phone: 972-9-8609562

Fax: 972-9-8609564



Department Location

East Wing – Ground floor

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