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Blood Bank

Head of Blood Bank: Mrs. Golda Yakoby, M.Sc

The blood bank serves the hospital departments as well as private bodies. It performs 5000 tests and supplies 500 units of blood and blood products per month. The Sanz Medical Center–Laniado Hospital blood bank operates according to the procedures of the Ministry of Health. It uses a special computer program which is independent of the laboratory computer system. The blood bank participates in an international quality control program, with good results.


Blood Bank Procedures

  • Tests for blood and Rh type
  • Antibody screening and direct Coombs test
  • Identification of antibodies in patient serum
  • Blood matching for patients
  • Provision of blood and blood products for patients
  • Special tests, e.g. characterization of rare antigens on red blood cells, active cold agglutinins, titration of clinically significant antibodies, and identification of heparin antibodies.


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