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The Rudolph and Edith Academic Tessler School of Nursing

The Academic Tessler School of Nursing is the only nursing school of its kind worldwide.

It is a unique haredi learning framework which provides the student with professional knowledge based on the Jewish worldview, with an emphasis on nursing as a tool for worshipping the Creator. The teaching process places special emphasis on the supreme value of the sanctity of human life, and the equal right of every human being to receive nursing care.

The Academic Nursing School is also unique in its integration of compassion and professionalism. The curriculum implements principles such as critical thinking, decision making process, and personal judgment as the means to achieve a reliable level of professional performance .The teaching process also emphasizes the development of  responsibility and leadership among the students. All these are vital tools for nursing performance.

The school has a reputation as one of the best, routinely producing graduating classes with some of the highest grades in the country.

Top-notch teachers and practicing doctors teach theoretical and practical foundations, providing the knowledge and experience necessary for our students to become leaders who can meet the needs of an ever-changing health care arena.

Although nursing is highly- specialized, it remains fundamentally a caring  profession and thus special emphasis is placed on teaching our students the importance of the human element of dedication and care for the patient.

Both the school and the dormitory are run under the guidance and direction of noted Halachic authorities.

The complete curriculum, which includes text - based courses in biology, physiology, pathology and social, sciences, also includes courses on halachot pertaining to medical issues.

Our graduates are highly sought after and employed in a variety of health care facilities in Israel and throughout the world.


The  late Admor of Sanz-Klausenberg, Rabbi Yekutiel Yehudah Halberstam, lost his wife, elevenKlausenberg Rebbe children, and numerous other family members during the Holocaust. He was left to face the unimaginable suffering of that time alone. Many miracles and remarkable stories are told of the Rebbe’s ordeals during the Holocaust.

“I remember when I was shot in the hand,” the Rebbe once recounted. “I was afraid to go to the Nazi-run clinic, although it had doctors. I knew that the moment I entered that place, I would not come out alive. So what did I do after being shot? Despite my fear of the Nazis, I found a tree, picked a leaf, and held it tightly over the wound to staunch the bleeding. Then I tore off a branch and tied it around the wound to hold the leaf in place. With God’s help, I recovered in three days. At that point, I resolved that if God granted me life and I was healed—for I looked like a musselman [walking dead]—and if I left this place and the evil Nazis, then I would build a hospital. It would be founded with doctors and nurses who believed that there is a God in this world. They would know that when they heal a patient, they are doing the greatest mitzvah in the Torah. Now people will understand better why the Klausenberger Rov is building a hospital.”

The Rebbe, of righteous memory, had a fellow in distress with whom he passed through the Valley of Tears—Mr. Rudolph (Naftali) Tessler. Mr. Tessler also pledged that should he find his way out of the valley of slaughter, he would help the Admor build a hospital.

The late Admor and Mr. Tessler were both saved, and eventually they met up. Mr. Tessler proposed his assistance, and the nursing school was built in honor of  Naftali (Rudolph)  and his late wife Chaya-Sarah (Edith) Tessler, of blessed memory.


NursiMr. Rudolph & Mrs. Edith Tessler ng School's Name

The Academic Tessler School of Nursing is named in honor of Naftali (Rudolph) and his late wife Chaya-Sarah (Edith) Tessler, of blessed memory. Mrs. Tessler passed away in the spring of 2009 (5769) and has been a role model for the nursing school students as a deeply religious Jewish woman who overcame adversity and was devoted to helping others.




Details can be obtained from the Academic Nursing School  office:

Director - Dr. Ester Strauss, PhD, R.N.

Tel: 972-9-8604628

Fax: 972-9-8609207

e-mail: estrauss@laniado.org.il

Nursing School