Medical Dep. Operating Rooms
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Operating Rooms

Dr. Chaim Chefetz Mrs. Shulamit Shmueli

Director of Department of Anesthesiology:        
Dr. Chaim Chefetz,
Certified Anesthesiologist Specialist

Head Nurse:
Mrs. Shulamit Shmueli,


General Description

Laniado Hospital performs many varied operations: General Surgery, Hand Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, E.E.G., Eye Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Gynecological Surgery, Urology Surgery, Vascular Surgery, etc. The medical staff includes senior experienced certified specialist doctors. The Laniado Hospital Anesthesiologists have set up a pre-surgery clinic for patients who are candidates for elective surgery. The surgery is performed in the five operating rooms. Of these, one is a Gynecology OR and one is for Eye Surgery. The skill of the Anesthesiologists, allows for the many operations performed with local anesthetics.

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Description of Phases of Surgery

The operations are divided into two main categories: elective surgery and emergency surgery.
The following phases are for elective surgery only:

  1. Admission – The type of operation determines when the patient is admitted to the department. There are operations in which the patient is admitted for preparation, one or more days prior to surgery. There are operations (usually minor) in which the patient is admitted on the day of the operation.
  2. Preparation for Surgery –Admission is done by the doctor and nurse, and there is a visit to a pre-surgery clinic in which the patient meets the Anesthesiologist.
  3. Ahead of Surgery – The nurse makes all of the final preparations prior to the operation (blood pressure, pulse rate, instructions for the patient, etc.)
  4. The operation – The operation takes place in the Operating Room.
  5. Recovery – Following the operation the patient is transferred to the Recovery Room. The patient is received by the anesthesiologist and the recovery nurse (graduate of an Intensive Care course). In the recovery room, the patient physiological parameters are monitored as needed (blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation of the blood) and pain relievers (analgesics) are given. The patient is under strict observation until his/her release by the anesthesiologist and the nurse.
  6. Release – The patient is transferred from the recovery room to a suitable department.
  7. Follow up – The follow up is done in the pre-surgery clinic as per doctor's instructions.

operating Rooms


The Senior Medical Staff

The Operating Rooms includes a staff of surgeons, amongst them, General Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons, Urologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Hand Surgeons, E.E.G. doctors, Plastic Surgeons, Gynecology Surgeons, Eye Surgeons and a highly professional very experienced staff of Anesthesiologists.

The Nursing Staff

The nursing staff includes 22 professional nurses, 3 orderlies and 3 nurses' aides.

Contact Us

Nurses station in operating rooms:
Phone: 972-
9-8609550, 972-9-8609554

Nurses station in Admissions:
Phone: 972-9-8609544


Department Location

Medical Center Building – 1st floor

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