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Headache and Chronic Pain Clinic

Dr. Oved Daniel
Neurologist with Speciality in Headache Therapy







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About the Clinic

The clinic for treating headaches and chronic pain in the outpatient clinics of Laniado Hospital, under the direction of Dr. Daniel Oved, specialist in Neurology and acupuncture, presents an exclusive and innovative model to treat headaches - the western medical model together with a holistic outlook and acupuncture for focused treatment for headaches and chronic pain.headache2

The patient undergoes a general western medical and holistic assessment:

  1. Personal evaluation.
  2. Complete neurological examination.
  3. Laboratory and radiology tests. When necessary, the patient may be referred to additional medical or radiology tests, MRI or CT.
  4. Western Medical-Holistic diagnosis.
  5. Treatment of medical acupuncture specific for headaches with or without pharmaceutical treatment.

Medical acupuncture is based on Chinese acupuncture, but also includes advanced western techniques from the field of palliative medicine.

Scientific research, which has been published in prestigious scientific journals, in which thousands of patients participated, has proven without a doubt that the treatment by acupuncture of patients who suffer from headaches is effective. The results of the research showed a clear decline in the number of attacks and in the size of the headaches in the group of patients who were treated by medical acupuncture versus the control group. The researchers came to the conclusion that treatment by medical acupuncture to those who suffer from headaches is a totally effective and safe treatment.

The Effectiveness of the Western-Holistic Model

Assessment, and diagnosis is made by a neurological specialist who specializes in headaches in order to prevent, as far as possible, a wrong diagnosis. It is clear that there are numerous cases of erroneous diagnosis and treatments which were made by doctors who are not specialists in this field, or by practitioners who work in the field of Chinese acupuncture lacking the knowledge and understanding of western medicine.

Medical acupuncture treatment by a neurological specialist who specialized in focused treatment for pain control. It is important to note that not everyone who treats with acupuncture knows how to treat headaches effectively. In Chinese medicine there are also various specialties and it is recommended to turn to a practitioner who is a specialist in his field.



Dr. Oved Daniel

Neurologist with Speciality in Headache Therapy

Dr Daniel has been with the hospital since May 2010 after completing his studies at the Technion Medical School in Haifa.  His Neurology specialty was done at Beilinson Hospital, Dr.Aryeh Kortzki, one of the leaders in the field of headache treatment in Israel.  In addition Dr Daniel is certified by the School of Medical Acupuncture – Helms Medical School, in the United State, which is affiliated with Stanford University, which is exclusively for doctors in the field of pain control using acupuncture. under

In addition to his work at Laniado Hospital as a house neurologist, his outpatient clinic is rapidly growing due to his successes.  This headache and pain clinic in Laniado's outpatient clinics with great success by treating patients holistically using standard western medical treatment combined with acupuncture.

The first visit to Dr. Daniel at his clinic usually is an evaluation which includes neurological examinations often combined with laboratory and radiology tests.

We look forward to hearing more from Dr. Daniel in particular since he is very active in the field of research and already has published several major medical articles in his field of expertise.

Appointments with Dr. Daniel can be made in his clinic at Laniado by phoning: