A life well lived
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Chaya Sarah Tessler – "A Life Well Lived"

tessler66Chaya Sarah was originally from Papa, Hungry.

Her family had lived there for close to 200 years; her great-grandfather was the Chatam Sofer, the renowned Rabbi of Bratislava. She was the youngest survivor of a family of ten children. Her parents and seven brothers and sisters were murdered at Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Muhldorf. Chaya Sarah was just 17 years old when liberated from Bergen-Belsen. After the war, she recuperated in Sweden for close to three years and then came to America. She and Rudolph were married in 1951.

Shortly afterwards, they moved to Chicago, where, with Chaya Sarah by his side, Rudolph became a successful businessman. Always prioritizing the values of humanity, family and community in his work, they both dedicated a major part of their lives to public service. Together they donated generously to Israeli health care and educational institutions. They have three children, Florence, David and Mordecai, and many grandchildren.