What's in a name
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Chaya Sarah a"h – "What's in a name?"

tessler44The essence of a person is his name. It is the role of each person to learn our name and fulfill our purpose in life for which we have been named.

Chaya means life, it is a symbol of life and life giving.  Eim kol chai. A mother to each and everyone

Sarah denotes aristocracy and royalty – a princess. Sarah Imeinu personified beneficience, giving and goodness. She was famous for her chesed and her intelligence.  Constantly giving, learning and teaching. Making a mark and influencing.

Chaya Sarah Tessler's name encaptured the essence of her being.

There is probably no better way to describe an achot rachmaniya (a nurse) than describing the name of Chaya Sarah Tessler a"h

What is a more fitting fulfillment of this awesome name then The Tessler School of Nursing dedicated by Rudolph and Chaya Sarah Tessler?