Medical Dep. Mother & Baby Medical Center
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The Betty Retter Mother & Baby Medical Center

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Medical Center Director:
Dr. Yaakov Mamet                     
Asst. Department Director:
Dr. George Tichner                        

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Head Nurse:
Mrs. Ahuva Brisk                       
Supervisor Nurse:
Mrs. Ariela Shtibel



at Laniado Hospital's Birthing Center

Having a baby is one of the most important events in the life of a family. At Laniado we do our utmost to make it a memorable experience!  When you come to Laniado Hospital - Sanz Medical Center to give birth, you can be secure in the knowledge that you are receiving the highest level of care from a devoted team of medical professionals. Every mother and baby is special to us, and we strive to make your delivery exactly as you wish.
The Maternity Department was the first unit to be established at Laniado.  As demand increased over the years, it became necessary to add a second department, and in 2009 the Pola Ann and Moshe David Kuppermann & Wendy Joy Kuppermann Maternity Department was opened.  
Laniado's Birthing Center combines state-of-the-art technology with attentive and sensitive care prior to, during, and following labor and birth. Our new mothers give birth in comfortable delivery rooms staffed by highly-skilled, dedicated medical professionals to ensure you and your baby's health.   Our personalized care and friendly staff  of physicians, nurses, a social worker, a dietician, a physiotherapist, and others, give you the attention and care that you - and your newborn - deserve.   We pay attention to the small details that make a difference - and do everything in our power to make you feel at home!  
At Laniado, you'll enjoy a warm, home-like environment and a safe and satisfying birth experience.

The Betty Retter Mother & baby Medical Center includes:

  • birthing rooms, with separate entrances for accompanying family/friends
  • An operating room within the birthing complex for Caesarean sections, when necessary
  • The option of private services:  doctor, personal nurse-midwife, doula (birth support assistant), anesthesiologist
  • The Diada-Laniado Natural Childbirth Center
  • The Natural Childbirth Center, which has 2 delivery rooms, is designed to recreate the home environment, to make your delivery as relaxed and stress-free as possible
  • High-Risk Pregnancy Unit
  • Special Care (Preemie) Baby and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Prenatal care

  • Childbirth Preparation Classes
  • Delivery Room Tour
  • Birth Pathway: Your Personal Prenatal Care Plan

Allow yourself to be pampered at the Birthing Center!
At Laniado you will enjoy:

  • Spacious, pleasant rooms for 2-3 women
  • The option of a private room
  • The option of partial or complete rooming-in
  • A rich, varied buffet in the dining room
  • Group guidance in nursing and infant development.


  • Laniado delivers more than 7000 babies annually
  • It allows women who to give birth naturally following a Caesarean delivery
  • It allows women to nurse their babies in the recovery room immediately after a Caesarean delivery.



Contact Us

Phone Numbers:

Mother & Baby Medical Center: 972-9-8604601

Department I: 972-9-8604601 /648

Department II: 972-9-8609123 /4


Department Location

Medical Center Building – 3rd floor

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