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Laniado Hosts Symposium for Physiotherapists who Treat Pre-Term Babies

A symposium for physiotherapists who treat premature babies was recently held at Laniado Hospital.  The daylong event included lectures by members of the hospital’s medical and paramedical staff, at as well as a discussion on the key role played by physiotherapists as members of the holistic treatment team.  The Ministry of Health requires hospitals to have physiotherapist positions in their neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in proportion to the number of births at the hospital.   

Speakers at the symposium included neurologist, Dr. Liana Beni-Adani, who lectured on the topic of "Intraventricular and Intracerebral Bleeding in the Pre-Term Baby and the Newborn - Short-Term and Long-Term Consequences”; Dr. Aryeh Simmonds, director of Laniado’s NICU, who discussed "Giving Bad News to Families at the NICU,” and `Ms. Danit Sadeh, a speech therapist in charge of Laniado’s Hearing Institute, who spoke about the hearing screening program for children.
Greetings were delivered by Ms. Tal Shahar-Ashkenazi, National Coordinator of Children's Physiotherapy;  Naomi Tuvia, who is in charge of physiotherapy and rehabilitation at Laniado Hospital; and Etti Littig, ICU nurse.  
The symposium also included a discussion about the status of the physiotherapist as an integral part of the therapeutic staff.  Various opinions were voiced about multi-disciplinary teamwork and the cooperative work in NICUs.
"We were very pleased to host our colleagues from other NICUs around the country,” said Mrs. Bluma Roth, a physiotherapist at Laniado’s NICU.  “Our NICU is moving forward on the professional, human, technological and therapeutic fronts and the Ministry of Health audit only strengthened us”.
She noted that after a baby is discharged from the NICU, he/she is monitored at the follow-up clinic.  “There, we continue the work that we began in the NICU, providing additional guidance for parents so the preemies can continue to develop...”