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Number of Interns at Laniado to Increase by 50%

Prof shimoniIn a vote of confidence in the teaching staff at Laniado Hospital, the Ministry of Health has announced that it is increasing the number of interns in the hospital’s departments by 50%. This added manpower will make it possible to significantly improve the quality of health care provided to patients.  
Laniado has been affiliated with the prestigious faculty of Medicine at the Technion for five years, serving as a teaching unit for interns.   The Ministry of Health decision acknowledges the high quality of teaching by department heads and senior physicians who train the interns, in addition to their routine work treating patients. 

“On the one hand, the increased number of interns places great responsibility on us,” says Prof. Zvi Shimoni, medical director of Laniado, “but on the other, it eases our workload.  We take on heavy responsibility in training the next generation of medical professionals in Israel, necessitating the allocation of significant time and resources.  However, the patients benefit twice and I congratulate Prof. Ran Tur Kaspa, chairman of the Forum of Deans of Medical Faculties, for increasing the number of interns at Laniado.”