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Rheumatology Clinic Opens at Laniado

dr chaviv

Laniado Hospital is offering a new service to residents of the Sharon Region - the opening of a new rheumatology clinic. Many patients suffer from various rheumatological diseases that affect joints and muscles, impeding their daily functioning due to severe pain.   

Until now, patients in need of treatment by rheumatic specialists were forced to travel long distances to medical centers in the center of the country.

Laniado Hospital recruited Dr. George Habib, a senior rheumatologist at the Carmel Medical Center in Haifa, to head the new clinic. He comes to Laniado, where he also serves as a senior doctor in the Department of Internal Medicine C, after many years working in Haifa and the Galilee.  

Dr. Habib is confident that the opening of the Rheumatology Clinic will significantly ease this situation. "I invite everyone who is in need of its services to make an appointment at the clinic,” he says.  “We work in cooperation with all the health funds and Form 17 can be obtained for a visit to the clinic. For an appointment, call 09-860-9336.