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Director of Laniado's Orthopedics Department Training Senior Orthopedists in North to Perform Innovative Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr PicardDr. Claude Picard, Director of the Department of Orthopedics at Laniado Hospital, is training senior physicians in the north of Israel to perform anterior hip replacement surgery.  
Developed in Europe about five years ago, the minimally invasive procedure was performed last year for the first time in Israel – at Laniado.    The innovative surgery eliminates major problems associated with traditional hip-replacement surgery.   

Degeneration of the cartilage surrounding the hip joint is not uncommon after the age of 70 and can also occur among younger people, either following a hip fracture or as a result of excess weight, genetic disorders or abnormal development of the hip. If treatment with drugs and/or physiotherapy fails to alleviate the condition, hip replacement surgery, which entails removal of the femoral head, may be the only way to provide relief.  
"The new procedure makes it possible to avoid cutting through the muscles or tendons surrounding the hip joint in order to insert the implant," explains Dr. Picard.   “The hip joint is located deep in the body.  We used to enter the thigh through the side of the leg or from behind, cutting through the muscles or tendons. Although this was done as accurately and as carefully as possible, it was still an incision.  The new anterior approach allows access to the hip joint by separating the muscles or tendons – not cutting through them."
 This reduces tissue trauma and blood loss and results in less postoperative discomfort and a speedier recovery.
In recent weeks, Dr. Picard has been performing hip replacement surgery in hospitals in northern Israel in order to train senior orthopedists to perform this procedure.  "I am pleased at the invitation to train senior orthopedic teams," he says. "The more widespread anterior hip replacement surgery becomes in Israel, the better it will be for patients."