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Laniado ER Opens Ambulatory Wing

ERLaniado Hospital's Department of Emergency Medicine has just opened an Ambulatory Wing for patients who can walk unassisted.  The new wing, which includes a first-aid station, examination stations, consultation rooms, and an EKG testing room, will provide "fast-track" care when appropriate and shorten waiting time in the Emergency Room, increasing ER efficiency in general.

The Ambulatory Wing opened its doors after intensive six-month building activity by the hospital's Construction Department.  It is designed to meet the needs of the growing number of people who seek treatment in the Emergency Room - over 84,000 people in 2016 - and the number is expected to be even higher in 2017!  
The construction of the new wing is part of a general expansion process at Laniado. This includes the completion of a protected underground floor to house the Dialysis Institute, completion of construction on the Orthopedics Department, the renovation of the delivery rooms and the finalization of the design for the new hospitalization tower.
"This is a festive occasion for us", noted Dr. Joseph Libman, Acting Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine. "The Emergency Department's infrastructure needed upgrading and investment. I thank the hospital's management, who understood the challenges we face every day and every night, and decided to make a large investment to benefit the patients."
Mrs. Yehudit Izax, Head Nurse of the Department of Emergency Medicine agree with Dr. Libman. "It is a festive and wonderful feeling", she said. "I am certain that the expansion of the examination and treatment areas will give the patients a sense of well-being and will enable us to provide better treatment in less time".
 The management of Laniado, headed by CEO Chaim Hammerman and Medical Director, Prof. Zvi Shimoni, toured the new wing and expressed their warm wishes for success to the medical and nursing staff, along with their appreciation for the dedicated work the medical professionals do around the clock.