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The Academic Track at Laniado's Tessler School of Nursing Graduates its First Class

nurse graduationFestive graduation ceremony for the first 26 graduates of the Academic Tessler School of Nursing;  degree granted by Ruppin Academic Center
The first commencement ceremony for the joint nursing program conducted by the Ruppin Academic Center in cooperation with Laniado Hospital's Academic Tessler School of Nursing took place recently, with 26 graduates receiving their BSN (Bachelor of Nursing Science) degrees.  Among those present were Prof. Galia Sabar, President of the Ruppin Academic Center, and the Center's academic and administrative staff, the management of Laniado Hospital and the Nursing School staff, and family members.  
Fully 100% of the graduates passed the government's stringent nursing examinations and most of them are already working in various departments at Laniado.

TThe ceremony was moderated by Dr. Esther Strauss, Director of the Tessler School of Nursing, who congratulated the graduates.  She noted the unique spirit of the school, which produces Torah-observant nurses who see in their work a sacred mission.  Laniado CEO, Mr.  Chaim Hammerman, expressed his feelings of excitement and wished the new nurses   success in their work. He reminded the audience of the founding words of Laniado Hospital written by the Admor of Sanz ztz"l, that "every human life is precious, and we do everything in our power to sanctify life – every day and for every single person who comes through our doors asking for help.”      
Prof. Sabar praised the nursing profession and stated that "the world is facing significant technological changes. There is no doubt that you, as academic nurses, will have to deal with these developments in the future. I welcome the cooperation with Laniado Hospital and the Nursing School and have no doubt that we will continue to cooperate in the future."
Prof. Uri Aviram, Dean of the School of Social and Community Sciences at the Ruppin Academic Center, said, "I see professional value in the fact that Haredi academic nurses treat  patients from the ultra-Orthodox sector.  It is a profession that is entirely chesed, 24 hours a day and there is no one more suitable for that than you.