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Just opened:  Pre-dialysis diet clinic at Laniado for complex kidney disease patients in the final stage before dialysis treatment

kidneyIn response to scarcity of nephrology dietitians at the health funds and the lengthy waiting time for an appointment, Laniado has just opened a diet clinic for patients in the final stage of kidney disease before dialysis treatment.  

For people suffering from chronic kidney, nutrition is essential. A proper diet enables them to cope with their illness and delay dialysis treatment, as long as possible.  However, putting together a personalized menu is a challenging task that takes into consideration all aspects of the disease, background illnesses and other factors, and necessitates professional advice.   "A patient who does not receive nutritional counseling deteriorates, often to the point of hospitalization - something that is entirely preventable," says dietitian and nephrology expert, Netali Golan, who heads the new diet clinic.  "We are committed to having available appointments and monitoring the patients during the pre-dialysis stage, in order to postpone dialysis as long as possible and perhaps even to prevent it completely."
Form 17 forms can be obtained from the health funds.  For an appointment, call: 09-8609336.