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Conference for region's family doctors at Laniado's Oncology Institute

laniado logoDozens of doctors from the Sharon region affiliated with all the health funds attended a special conference for family physicians organized recently by Laniado Hospital's Oncology Institute.  The conference dealt with new developments in the field oncology with a focus on cooperation between the Oncology Institute and family physicians.  

Members of Laniado's multi-disciplinary team presented a variety of new treatment options.  Dr. Chani Barlev, Director of the Breast Surgery Unit, spoke about the multidisciplinary system that makes possible multi-systemic therapy.   Dr. Neil Friedman, Acting Director of the Oncology Institute, discussed various considerations in choosing biological and hormonal treatments, as well as extending anti-hormonal treatments, which are not yet in the Ministry of Health's basket of drugs, but hopefully will be by next year.   
 Senior consultants at the Laniado Oncology Institute, Dr. Einat Shmueli-Shacham and Dr. Daniel Keizman, each presented new developments in their respective fields of expertise:   Dr. Shmueli talked about the treatment of colorectal cancer, specifically, the side of the colon in which the tumor first appeared and the possibility of    .  reducing the pain associated with the treatment.    Dr. Keizman discussed the benefits of combined hormone therapy in treating bladder cancer. Dr. Raya Leibowitz Amit, a researcher at the Sheba Medical Center, presented new developments in the field of immunological treatments, the advantages and disadvantages of using them, and intervention in treating side effects.
The conference culminated with a talk by Ms. Ziva Chanukah, supervising nurse at the Laniado Oncology Institute, who discussed the importance of an ongoing relationship between community doctors and hospital physicians in order to maintain continuous and consistent treatment and to facilitate practical matters such as appointments and approval of medication.