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First Head-Neck Surgery at Laniado

dr polakDr. Jeffrey Pollack, head of  New ENT Institute, performs complex parotid operation

Dr. Jeffrey Pollack, head of Laniado Hospital's newly opened Ear, Nose and Throat Institute, and an internationally renowned ENT specialist, recently performed complex parotid (salivary) gland surgery to remove a recurrent tumor in the cheek, ear, and neck region.
“We used a special facial nerve monitor to follow the progress of the surgery in order to prevent damage to the nerve that controls the facial movements and to treat the scar tissue from the previous operation,” said Dr. Pollack, who has performed hundreds of similar operations abroad. 

“To my delight Laniado's administration was able to obtain the monitor from the manufacturer within a very short time, making it possible to perform this operation.  The results are encouraging and the patient is expected to return to work within a week after being released, with no nerve damage”.
“Dr. Pollack performs a large number of surgeries on adults and children and head-neck surgery is one of the most complex,” said Ms. Sari Farkash, director of the institutes and outpatient clinics at Laniado.  She congratulated Dr. Pollack and noted that "The availability of ENT surgical services is really good news for residents of the Netanya and Sharon region. They will be able to receive quality treatment near home, without having to wait on long lines and without having to travel.”  

“This is a quantum leap in terms of the medical services we offer patients,” added Nadav Chen, CEO of Laniado. "We will continue to recruit experienced top quality personnel for the residents of the region."