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Special First Responders Training Course Held at Laniado

LanxnerJoint effort of The Home Front Command and Laniado
Laniado Hospital's Emergency Preparedness Unit recently trained some 30 staff members and volunteers to deal with emergency situations that require immediate intervention.  The First Responders course is designed to train staff and volunteers to provide rescue and relief during mass disasters such as an earthquake.   
The Emergency Preparedness Unit deals with the preparedness of the Medical Center for various emergency situations - multi-casualty events, war, terror events involving non-conventional elements and more.  The work is carried out under the supervision of the Home front Command and the Emergency Division of the Ministry of Health.  

The two-day course included practical experience in rescuing trapped persons in the Home Front Command facilities.  Lydia Lanxner, Director of the Emergency Preparedness Unit, says this course is of utmost importance in cases such as earthquakes. "Our point of departure is that in such an event, it will take time for the rescue teams to reach the arena, and therefore, having trained staff from the Medical Center will make it possible to provide immediate assistance and relief."
The Emergency Preparedness Unit rescues the majority of people who are trapped in such events and helps witnesses deal with their trauma.   
"Laniado's Emergency Preparedness staff" is doing a sacred work," said Nadav Chen, CEO of Laniado.   "The course is part of extensive work in the area of emergency preparedness that they do.   I am full of admiration for this work and hope that we will never need to use this knowledge."