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Results of Important Geriatric Research at Laniado Presented
at Annual Israel Geriatric Association Conference

shimoni and chermosh

Two of Laniado’s senior staff members ably represented the hospital at the recent Israel Geriatric Association conference, the most important platform for the presentation of research and innovations pertaining to the treatment of geriatric patients.    
Prof. Zvi Shimoni, medical director of Laniado Hospital, presented a research paper on eliminating unnecessary antibiotic treatments through urine testing, thereby avoiding possible damage to the immune system and other serious side effects that antibiotics can cause, in this age of growing resistance to antibiotics.   
Dr. Vered Hermush, director of the Geriatric Department, presented a research paper on detecting stomach stoma (holes) radiologically. 

This procedure, which is performed exclusively at Laniado, generally in patients with dementia and/or after a stroke, when a patient’s ability to swallow is compromised, reduces the risk of infection, hemorrhage, and the risks posed by complete anesthesia.  Dr. Hermush's research, which included 58 patients, was carried out in cooperation with the Dorot Geriatric Center.  Results showed a significantly lower rate of infection, bleeding and other side effects.

“Research is an integral part of our clinical work at Laniado,” said Prof. Shimoni.  "We are an academic body affiliated with the Technion's Faculty of Medicine, and as such, we see a supreme value in carrying out research studies in various clinical fields. We will continue to do these research projects and present them at every important platform in Israel and around the world. "