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The Movement for Freedom of Information: Laniado Hospital's NICU among Top Three in Israel
simons and litig

A report published last week by the Movement for Freedom of Information names the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Laniado Hospital one of top three in Israel in terms of premature infant mortality rate.  The report, which is based on data from the Ministry of Health, showed that the mortality rate in 2016 at Laniado was only 0.9% - one of the lowest in Israel - compared with a mortality rate of over 3% at other medical centers.
This achievement is particularly impressive in light of the complexity of treating preterm babies, and particularly in light of the severe shortage of manpower in this field in general.
"The report is encouraging and reflects the great investment made by the medical and nursing staff," says Dr. Aryeh Simmonds, director of the NICU. This investment is proving itself.  We will continue to work hard in order to improve even more."
Etty Littig, head nurse at the NICU, noted that “Working in the NICU is challenging work that involves advanced technology and special care by skilled medical and nursing staffs in providing the treatment needed by our premature babies.

We must contend with complicated problems, and no less important, we also have to deal with families who suddenly find themselves facing fear, confusion and uncertainty.  This report reflects the gleam in the eyes of patients and family members!"  
Nadav Chen, CEO of Laniado, congratulated the staff and stated, "I am full of appreciation to the medical and nursing staff at the NICU. Their devoted work around the clock is a sacred life-saving task.  The statistical data is indeed a cause for celebration.  However, I am certain that the staff will not rest on their laurels, but will continue to make every effort to surpass these achievements."