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2017 data for Laniado’s Maternity Department:

The Mother is at the Center and Can Choose How to Give Birth

Laniado has lowest rate of C-sections in OECDbaby1
Some 8,000 babies entered the world over the course of the past year in Laniado Hospital’s Maternity Department, according to recently released data for 2017.  The statistics further revealed that only 15.8% of the births were performed by Caesarean section, compared with a national average of 17.8%.  Furthermore, 77.4% of the women who gave birth to their first baby by C-section were subsequently able to have normal deliveries (VBAC births) at Laniado – compared with the national average of 73.3%.  And 58.5% of the women who underwent two Caesarean sections subsequently succeeded in giving birth normally.  This data is particularly impressive given the fact that while the childbirth rate among  Israeli women is the highest among the 35 OECD countries, Israel has the lowest rate of Caesarean sections.   
VBAC births are clinically complex, but the medical staff at Laniado provides a clinical envelope that is safe and allows a regular delivery without surgical intervention – even for  mothers who have undergone many Caesarean sections.

"We consider it a privilege and a professional duty to enable every woman to give birth in a  safe, secure  and relaxed way that takes her wishes into consideration,” says Dr. Mordechai Ben-David, Director of Laniado’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  “The 2017 data attest to this more than anything. We will continue to work this way in the future.”
Laniado CEO, Nadav Chen, congratulated the staff members, noting that "these statistics reflect the department’s continued professionalization and enhanced services - the result of hard work and dedication by the entire department.  We shall continue to invest and advance the Maternity Department in 2018.”