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2017 International Nurses Day Celebrated With Festive Event at LANIADO

“Every doctor has a nurse at his/her side” - Laniado CEO, Nadav Chennurse day-1

This year for the first time, Laniado Hospital joined hospitals around the world in celebrating International Nurses Day - celebrated on 12 May, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth, to honor the contribution nurses make to society.

The day-long event recognized the prodigious efforts and devoted work performed by the nursing staff - about 500 men and women who work around the clock in various departments.

The celebration, produced by the Nursing Department in conjunction with the Employee Welfare Department, opened with greetings by Laniado CEO, Nadav Chen.  He praised the nurses’ tremendous contribution to the hospital’s clinical work, noting that "there is no doctor without a nurse at his or her side. Their work is sacred. They work in close cooperation with the doctors and interact with patients and family members.”

The nurses were treated to various styling and grooming services and enjoyed relaxing massages, as well as a stand-up performance by comedienne Smadar Morag.   

"I am proud of our nursing staff," said Esther Shir, head nurse at Laniado.  They work 24/7 throughout the year and treat large numbers of patients - always displaying cheerfulness, attentiveness and empathy.  It is not easy work and once a year our dedicated staff deserves to celebrate and to be pampered. I hope that we have established a new tradition at Laniado. "

The children at the Pediatric Department’s hospital school, for children hospitalized for a lengthy period of time, presented the nurses in the department with a gift in appreciation for their dedicated work, prepared under the direction of teacher, Goldie Belz.