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Procedure Developed at Laniado’s IVF Unit Greeted
with Great Interest at Israel Fertility Association Conference

Laniado unique worldwide in implanting embryo on fourth day after egg retrievalFertility conference

Since 1978, five million babies around the world have been born through in-vitrio-fertilization – over 37,000 of them in Israel in the last year alone.  
The procedure is a delicate one, with the date of implantation of the embryo after the egg is  retrieved critical to both fetus survival and development as well as the formation of defects.   A successful procedure requires the initial development of the embryo under laboratory conditions on the one hand and its continued development under natural uterine conditions as soon as possible, on the other.  

One school calls for implanting the embryos in the uterus on the second or third day, since at this early stage – the cleavage stage - it is possible to choose embryos with the highest chances of survival.  
Another school advocates the implantation of the embryos on the fifth day, at the blastocyst stage, after a genetic analysis has been performed and there is a significant reduction in the percentage of multiple pregnancies.
Laniado Hospital’s IVF Unit is unique worldwide in implanting the embryos on the fourth day, thereby achieving the benefits of both approaches.
Dr. Avia Rosenthal, a resident in gynecology at Laniado, examined 429 cases in which the fetus was implanted on the fourth day and concluded that the percentage of live births in such pregnancies was identical to the percentage when implantation was performed on days two, three or five.  It was furthermore found that factors influencing a live birth included: the quality of the embryos, the age of the mother (under 35), and the absence of a mechanical factor in causing infertility, etc.
Dr. Rosenthal's study, conducted under the guidance of Dr. Amir Weintraub, Director of the IVF Unit and Deputy Medical Director at Laniado, Prof. Zion Ben-Rafael, and Mrs. Diana Stein - Laboratory Director, was presented at the recent conference of the Israeli Fertility Association, arousing great interest among colleagues from Israel and abroad.
Dr. Weintraub congratulated Dr. Rosenthal on the impressive study and stated that, "We will continue to promote academic research activity in the various departments and units at Laniado. We believe that research is the basis for high quality clinical activity and the development of the next generation of medicine in Israel.