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Senior Laniado Nephrologist Moshe Shashar Presents Research at European Nephrology Conference

Europe Nephrology Conference

At the European Nephrology Conference held recently in Copenhagen, senior nephrologist at Laniado, Dr. Moshe Shashar presented his research on the effects of Aldactone on the endothelial cells.
Endothelial cells provide a protective layer for blood vessels - from the large vessels to small capillaries in the organs far from the heart. These cells may be damaged by various diseases, including liver disease, heart disease, preeclampsia and others.  In such cases, complications may arise that require immediate treatment. Dr. Shashar’s research, which to date has been carried out in the laboratory on cells, shows that Aldactone drug that is commonly used to treat high blood pressure, also improves the functioning of endothelial cells.   The next stage of the study is to examine the effect of the drug on animals like mice.

"This is the second most important conference in the world of nephrology, with tens of thousands of nephrologists from around the world participating,” says Dr. Shashar.  “I believe that presentation of this research at the conference and publication of the study in an international journal will enable me and the research team to proceed to the next stage very soon.”
  Prof. Zvi Shimoni, medical director of Laniado, congratulated Dr. Shashar on this achievement, noting that "research is a significant milestone in the development of Laniado as an academic institution.  This process started a few years ago when we became a branch of the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion and we encourage doctors to carry out research activities to help develop the medicine of tomorrow."