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 Dr. Amir Shachar Appointed Director of Emergency Medicine at Laniado

dr amir shacahr

Dr. Amir Shachar, one of the founding fathers of the profession of emergency medical in Israel, was recently appointed director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Laniado Hospital.  In addition to holding degrees in internal medicine, cardiology, emergency medicine, and medical administration, as well as a master's degree in health systems management, Dr. Shachar is an expert in sports medicine and sleep medicine.  He was the first director of the program to train emergency medicine doctors in Israel, at Tel Aviv University, and served in many other senior positions, including as director of the Emergency Medical Department at Sheba Medical Center-Tel Hashomer, deputy director of the Internal Medicine Division at Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba, deputy director of Meir Hospital, and others.

It was Dr. Shachar who designed the innovative Emergency Room at Sheba Hospital during the 1990s.  Here, patients were treated holistically according to the severity of their trauma, rather than being classified according to the treatment needed - internal medicine, surgical, or orthopedic – as was commonly practiced at the time.     
The Department of Emergency Medicine at Laniado is a busy, teeming place that provides first aid, diagnosis, and treatment to tens of thousands of people every year;  there are 54,000 visits to the general Emergency Room and an additional 30,000 to the pediatric ER and the OB/GYN ER.
"The Emergency Room at Laniado Hospital is the address for the hundreds of thousands of residents of Netanya and the Sharon,” says Dr. Shachar, “and it must develop into one of Israel’s leading departments of emergency medicine.  This is a complex and challenging task that requires meticulous management, top-quality clinical and nursing care, and good treatment infrastructures. My concept is that the examination at the ER should produce a medical diagnosis that determines the treatment for the patient - whether to send him home or to hospitalize him in one of the hospital departments.  The patient should come out with an answer to his problem and not with further questions. I would like to thank Laniado's management for the trust placed in me and I believe that over the next few years we will lead the Medical Center to new horizons. I look forward to fruitful cooperation with the management and department directors to improve treatment for those who come to the ER."
Laniado CEO Nadav Chen congratulated Dr. Shachar on his appointment and noted that "the role of director of the Department of Emergency Medicine is one of the most complex positions in any medical system and certainly at Laniado, where the ER has a large volume of complex cases. Dr. Shachar's success will be the success of the entire region, and I am confident that his rich experience and extensive professional knowledge will enable him to move the ER forward.”