Registration Procedure to the Academic Tessler School of Nursing


  1. Matriculation Certificate


    Applicants who graduated outside of Israel must have their diploma and all high school transcripts notarized and together with an identification number (passport number) sent to the Ministry of  Education to check if it is equivalent to the Israeli bagrut.
    Please be sure to give them a return address to send their approval. The address of the Ministry of Education is:

    Mrs. Carmit Michaely
    The Ministry of Education
    Rechov Kanfey Yesharim 22
    Jerusalem, Israel

    Telephone number:  02-5601371 or 02-5601372

    b. Once the Ministry of Education approves the diploma, you must send the approval to:
    Mrs. Sara Levine

    The Tessler School of Nursing
    Laniado Hospital
    Kiryat Sanz, Netanya
  2. SAT's
    Psychometric Exam
    with a minimal score of 520. The psychometric exam may be taken in the English language; however, if it's taken in English or any other language (not in Hebrew) then the Yael exam must also be taken to examine your Hebrew level. A minimal score of 110 is needed to be accepted to the program.  
    More information on the psychometric and Yael exams may be found at: or at
    Telephone number: 02-6759535
  3. If you have a BA, it must be approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education. The BA should be notarized and sent to:

    המחלקה להערכת תארים
    משרד החינוך
    רח' דבורה הנביאה 2

    Phone: 972-2-5602853
    If the BA is approved, you don't have to take the psychometric exam.
  4. Personal Interview by the schools admissions committee.
  5. If you are not an Israeli citizen, you must have a student visa in order to be a student at our nursing school. In order to take the final national exam (which enables you to get your RN license), you must change your status to a temporary resident of Israel or make aliyah.


With best wishes for your success,

Dr. Ester Strauss

Director of Nursing School