Fall Prevention and Balance Improvement


Group Therapy for Fall Prevention and Balance Improvement

Israel has over 600,000 citizens over the age of 65. One out of three senior citizens has a fall at least once a year. The percentage of the falls that are accompanied by injuries, such as breakage, dislocated joints, and head injuries, is in the range 10-20%.  These injuries can cause illness, deterioration of functioning, and even death.

Falls may be the result of orthopedic problems, muscle weakness, or nervous system disturbances.

The following risk factors contribute to falls:

  • Age
  • Sex—women are more susceptible than men
  • Low bone density
  • Previous fall
  • Limited range of movement
  • Disturbances in the balance system
  • Reduced sensation (such as in diabetes patients)
  • Vision defects
  • Taking five medicines or more


A person who has a fall is likely to develop the fear of reoccurring falls, which leads to limitation of activity and reduction of quality of life. Every candidate for group therapy undergoes a thorough diagnostic test by a physiotherapist. The test identifies the reasons for the fall and the patient’s balance level. In accordance with the findings, the patient is placed in the appropriate group or in private therapy.

Both group and private treatments at the Leon and Sabina Weinreb Institute for Rehabilitation are led by an expert physiotherapist. Treatment includes:

  1. Balance exercises
  • Exercises for improving range of movement and flexibility of joints (primarily in the legs)
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Practice on performance of two actions simultaneously—research shows that the risk of falling is increased when attention is diverted to additional actions or to another factor besides walking.
  • Stretching shortened tendons using a variety of accessories, with the goal of improving performance, reducing fear, and improving quality of life.

In addition, instruction is given on organization of the home environment for prevention of falls and resulting injuries, and for addressing problems of mobility outside the home.

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Fall Prevention

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