Stroke Rehabilitation


Group Therapy for Stroke or Parkinson’s Patients

Men and women who have suffered a stroke, or patients who have Parkinson’s disease and have undergone rehabilitation during the severe stage of their disease, often need complementary treatment to prevent deterioration, preserve existing skills, and improve their physical and cognitive functioning.

The groups integrate physiotherapy and occupational therapy, and offer a supportive and friendly framework that provides a comprehensive solution to the problems that arise due to the damage.

Physiotherapy treatments improve the range of movement, mobility, and balance, and enable greater independence.

In the occupational therapy room, the therapists work on improving daily skills, such as: practice and instruction in getting dressed and putting on shoes, practice in the shower and kitchen, improving cognitive performance, and improving memory. In addition, they offer instruction and solutions for re-adaptation to the home environment and suggestions for organizing the home in accordance with patient’s limitations.

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Stroke Rehabilitation

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