Respiratory Treatment Center

The physiotherapist staff at the center is knowledgeable in the field of respiratory treatments, and has extensive experience in treatment of patients with serious pulmonary conditions in the internal medicine departments and the ICU departments.

The staff offers respiratory treatments for patients who have undergone surgery, for chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (such as found in smokers and asthma patients), non-obstructive diseases (such as CF), and severe pulmonary diseases such as pneumonia.

Treatments are given individually or in groups, and include treatment and instruction in techniques for improving pulmonary ventilation, drainage, use of inhalers, and inhalation treatments.

In addition, we offer pulmonary rehabilitation and instruction in supervised physical activity. Physical activity improves fitness and quality of life for the chronic respiratory patient, who loses energy from respiratory effort. This activity, individually and in groups, is carried out with supervision of blood oxygen levels. The center supplies oxygen to patients when necessary.

At the center, a clinical dietician provides instruction in nutrition.

For Appointmets call: 972-9-8609114, 972-9-8609116

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Respiratory Treatments

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