Medical Dep. Cardiac Institute
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Cardiac Intensive Care



This unit was rebuilt in 2006. The Intensive Care Unit has six patient beds in six separate, well-equipped rooms. The Intermediate Care unit has six rooms with two beds per room, bringing the total number of beds in the unit to eighteen.


Patients hospitalized in this unit include:

  • Patients with a serious blockage in the heart muscle. These patients arrive in the Magen David Adom mobile ICU or from the Emergency Room, and are transferred directly to the coronary angioplasty room. Patients who do not need angioplasty are transferred to the ICU for observation.

    Cardiac Intensive Care

  • Patients with other serious heart problems: severely high blood pressure, heart failure, irregular heart rate (arrhythmia) and blood supply.
  • Patients who arrive in a state of cardiac arrest are treated with a cooling process in the first 24 hours.
  • Patients who develop cardiac shock or kidney failure undergo hemofiltration (removal of fluids and toxins from the body in a slow, continuous process).
  • Patients with non-urgent cardiac problems are hospitalized in the Cardiology Department.
  • Patients who require insertion of a pacemaker are hospitalized for the procedure and transferred to the Intermediate Care unit for observation.


  • Patients with serious and complicated illnesses who are transferred from in-patient departments of the hospital.
  • Patients who arrive for elective (planned) angioplasty are hospitalized for observation in the Intermediate Care unit.


In 2007, 1700 patients were hospitalized in the Cardiac Intensive Care and Intermediate Care units.


Hours for Medical Rounds

Every day between 9:00-12:00.


Times for receiving medical information

Sun.-Fri.: 13:00-14:00

Nurses:  Anytime

Cardiac Intensive Care

Visiting Hours

Every day between:


Meal Times

Breakfast: 8:00

Lunch: 12:00

Supper: 18:00


Contact Us

Nurses Station:

Phone: 972-9-8604638, 972-9-8604636

Fax: 972-9-8604766 


Department Location

East Wing – Entrance floor

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