Chaya Sarah Tessler
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Chaya Sarah Tessler

Edith_Tessler88Chaya Sarah Tessler was and will always be someone we always aspired to be like. Her atzilus, her inner and outer beauty, her royal presence, her eidelkeit, her modesty, her sensitivity to each and every person she met is rarely seen. Every time we were zoche to meet her we came away uplifted and perhaps changed for the better.

It is interesting to note, that although most of the Tessler student nurses did not have the zechut to know her personally, her presence was felt in the school. Coming to study nursing at The Tessler School of Nursing was not only studying a profession, rather it was an experience which transformed (and continuous to transform) the student nurse. Tessler nurses have in fact become famous all over Eretz Yisrael for their demeanor, eidelkeit, compassion and of course their professionalism. It is almost as if bearing the name Tessler obligates each and every student. We sincerely feel that this noblesse oblige comes directly from our queen mother.

We are certain that the zechut of the many many Tessler nurses who are giving love, compassion and care all over Eretz Yisrael and the world will accompany her to her fitting place in Gan Eden.

How fitting that she loved the exquisite flower Zipor Gan Eden (The Bird of Paradise). Her life in this world symbolized for us, the staff and students of The Tessler School of Nursing the beauty of "the World to come".  She showed us what we could become. She showed us to what we could aspire. She showed us "to reach for the stars".