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Case of Rare Nile Fever Treated at Laniado

prof shimoni NEW

A patient suffering from the rare disease Nile fever, with suspected damage to the nervous system - characterized by memory loss and loss of consciousness - recently arrived at Laniado Hospital.

After being diagnosed and treated at the Department of Internal Medicine B, and pronounced healthy, she was released home.   
In a study published some 18 years ago– the first-of-a-kind in the world - conducted at Laniado, under the direction of Prof. Zvi Shimoni, it was found that a large number of antibodies that neutralize the virus are found in the plasma of Israelis - and not in the plasma of Americans. The research, which was published in several international journals, received recognition from infectious disease experts around world. Laniado then developed a treatment for Nile fever based on a solution derived from the plasma of Israelis.  In 2001, a cancer patient with a serious case of Nile fever recovered after receiving the treatment.  It is administered in life-threatening cases, as well as to treat other infectious and malignant diseases.  

"Over the years we have gained considerable experience in treating Nile fever,” noted Prof. Shimoni, today the medical director of Laniado.  “It no longer constitutes a death sentence and can be treated.  I am very grateful to the staff for the quick and effective diagnosis and believe that research on this subject will continue to advance and develop for the benefit of patients around the world. "
Following several outbreaks of Nile fever in Israel in 2000 that resulted in 30 fatalities, the Ministry of Environmental Protection established a unit that monitors concentration of organic materials in stagnant water, which serves as a breeding grounds for the mosquitoes that carry the virus.