From the Director of the

Academic Tessler School of Nursing


Dr. Ester Strauss

Dr. Ester Strauss
Director of the Tessler School of Nursing



I would like to open up for you a whole new world of unique and magical opportunities, a world that combines acts of chesed and love of one’s neighbor, an exciting profession that will help you develop your personality and your cognitive and practical skills.


This dream can come true at the Academic Tessler School of Nursing!!!

The Academic Tessler School of Nursing was established by the Rebbi of Klauzenberg, of blessed memory, more than thirty years ago. The Rebbi endured extreme suffering during his lifetime and, at one of the most difficult moments of his life, he vowed that “If G-d will give me life and save me from this gehenom, I will build a hospital whose doctors and nurses believe that there is a G-d in the world.”


The Rebbi believed that all Jewish girls have the inborn talents, and the education and values, to help and nurse the ill and infirm.

Our Academic nursing school emphasizes the supreme value of the sanctity of life.


We also employ principles of critical thinking, and processes of decision-making in order to produce professionals who will be the leaders in their field tomorrow.

The School’s staff is highly professional and constantly strives for excellence and our school  achieves high averages on national exams.


As director of the Academic Tessler School of Nursing, I can testify that the spiritual and personal development of each student is the focus of our school. I sincerely believe that more than only gaining an excellent profession, the experience of studying at The Academic Tessler School of Nursing will make a profound positive change in each girl.


I invite you to take a peak into the world I have opened up for you and embark on a profession that involves giving from the bottom of your heart.


Dr. Ester Strauss

Director of the Academic Tessler School of Nursing




From the Spiritual Director of the

Academic Tessler School of Nursing


Rabbi Menachem Glick

Rabbi Menachem Glick

Spiritual Director of The Academic Tessler School of Nursing



Medicine and Nursing

Through the Eyes of Torah and Halacha


The tremendous value of visiting the sick is one of the most famous mitzvot mentioned in halachic sources, including Maimonides and the Shulchan Aruch. I would like to mention just a few, and clarify their significance.


The Talmud (Ta'anit, page 21B) tells the tale of a doctor who treated his patients with such a great level of modesty and benevolence that he reached higher levels than his contemporaries, Abaye and Rabba. When Abaye questioned this heavenly decision, he was informed by the Divine Spirit: “you are not able to perform the same good deeds as this doctor has done.”

We learn from this passage that the mitzva of visiting the sick, as was commanded in the Torah, can raise a person to the loftiest of heights. Rabbi Yitzhak Zilberstein, the Rabbi of Ramat Elchanan, in one of his remarkable talks in our school, compared the qualities of a hospital to that of the Western Wall, in that the Divine Presence does not leave the Wall at any time. Rashi explains that “And Israel bowed down upon the bed's head” (Genesis, 47:31) - he turned himself in the direction of the Divine Spirit, so it is said that the Divine Spirit resides near the head of the patient.” A nurse who feels the need to pray at the Western Wall can pray next to the bed of a patient.


In light of these holy words, we have taken upon ourselves at the Academic Tessler School of Nursing to inculcate in our students the spiritual and professional aspects of nursing, in the best manner possible.


We bring the best lecturers in all fields, in order to achieve this goal and to uphold the wish of the founder Rebbi of Laniado Hospital and the Tessler School of Nursing, to show that there is no contradiction between the Torah and implementing medicine and nursing to the ultimate benefit of all involved.


Every woman considering studying nursing should consult with her rabbinic authority, who can advise on her suitability to this profession.


With Torah blessings and wishes for success in all your endeavors,


Rabbi Menachem Glick

Spiritual Director of The Academic Tessler School of Nursing