Training Israel’s Next Generation of Doctors


Two department heads at Laniado appointed to senior positions on the Residency Committee of the Israel Medical Association Scientific Council

Dr. Yaakov Schechter and Dr. Vered Hermush, directors of Laniado Hospital’s Pediatric and Geriatric Departments respectively, were recently chosen to serve on the Residency Committee of the Israel Medical Association’s Scientific Council, which is responsible for maintaining high scientific standards during the process of training of future doctors – from their studies and through residency.  
After weighing clinical and academic factors, the Residency Committee determines whether a hospital department is capable of conducting a residency program, which includes clinical experience, research, and intensive study in the area of specialization, while tending to patients under the supervision of senior physicians.  While the program places heavy responsibility and a considerable teaching burden on the shoulders of the senior physicians, the department gains the services of eager, young, and energetic staff members.  

Dr.  Schechter was named to the Scientific Council’s Executive Recognition Committee as the representative of the Israel Pediatricians Association.   
Dr. Hermush will supervise the residents at Laniado and oversee coordinators of residents at other hospitals. Her responsibilities will include ensuring that residents receive the pedagogical and academic tools they need during their residency.
Prof. Zvi Shimoni, Medical Director of Laniado, congratulated Drs. Schechter and Dr. Hermush on their appointments. "The hospital management attributes great importance to the involvement of departmental directors in the work of the Scientific Council, which trains Israel’s next generation of doctors,” he said. “This constitutes a recognition of the standardization process carried out at Laniado and the capability of our physicians to share these processes with other hospitals.”  
“The high quality of Laniado’s staff is a key factor in the hospital’s clinical excellence,” said Nadav Chen, CEO of Laniado. “I welcome these appointments, and have full confidence that Dr. Schechter and Dr. Hermush will carry out their functions with great success."