Laniado Twins with Baltimore’s Sinai Hospital

twin hospitals1

At a festive ceremony today at the Ministry of Health, in the presence of Deputy Minister MK Rabbi Yaakov Litzman, a twinned hospitals agreement was signed  between Laniado Hospital in Netanya and Sinai Hospital in Baltimore

A Twinned Hospitals Agreement was signed today between Laniado Hospital in Netanya and Sinai Hospital in Baltimore – two hospitals that are similar in size, with about 400 beds, and serve as medical centers for large surrounding communities.  This arrangement has the backing of Deputy Minister of Health, MK Rabbi Yaakov Litzman, as part of his view that strengthening cooperation between the health system in Israel and health systems around the world will contribute significantly both to the system and to the patients.

Sinai is a Jewish-run hospital that treats tens of thousands of patients throughout the year, regardless of religion, race, or gender. Dr. Jonathan Ringo, President and CEO of Sinai, who visited Laniado several times, was highly impressed by the clinical work he witnessed there.   "I am moved by the dedication of the Laniado staff, which cares for every individual, no matter who he or she is,” Dr. Ringo said at the ceremony.   “The hospital relies on donations and one-time payments by the Government. This is a huge challenge and I am certain we can learn a lot from you."

As part of the collaboration between the medical centers  Jonathan Lerner, Associate Vice President of Sinai, recently visited Laniado’s Department of Emergency Medicine, which treats some 85,000 patients every year.  A world-renowned expert in emergency medicine he reviewed the work procedures in the Emergency Room and shared his extensive experience and knowledge to help increase its efficiency.  

In the next few months, a delegation headed by Dr. Amir Shachar, director of the Emergency Medicine Department, and Mrs. Yehudit Isaacs, supervising nurse, will visit Sinai in order to learn in-depth about work methods used there.  

Sinai Hospital is currently setting up a clinical operations center  in Israel for its patients and staff.  Laniado is providing guidance about establishing and managing such a center in Israel.  A significant part of the twin-hospitals alliance concerns the emergency situation in the State of Israel:  Sinai’s management offered to send staff members in various medical specialties to Laniado in cases of emergency.
At the ceremony Deputy Minister Litzman commended the managements of the hospitals and said, "We are at the threshold of a new year, a year in which, G-d willing,    the Israeli health system will advance and open its doors to knowledge and experience from around the world.  I believe that this alliance is a harbinger of greater cooperation and am certain that other medical centers will follow in this path, as a breakthrough to international cooperation that will benefit patients."

Nadav Chen, CEO of Laniado, thanked Dr. Ringo for his strategic partnership and said, "Today we are launching a strategic alliance that focuses on the Emergency Medicine Department, the first stop for every patient. This department is a critical first station in providing accurate and quick treatment, as well as to give patients, who are in a state of uncertainty, a sense of security. I greatly appreciate the tremendous knowledge we are receiving from Sinai’s emergency medicine experts and am certain that it will translate into practice in the ER.”
“I am grateful to all those here for the great privilege that I have of signing an agreement with Laniado Hospital,” responded Dr. Ringo.  “This clinical work will benefit   the residents of the State of Israel, and we consider it an obligation for us as Jews living in the Diaspora to contribute knowledge and experience to Israel’s health system. At Laniado, we found elements that are very similar to our own, and therefore we decided to make this agreement. I would like wish to wish all the residents of the State of Israel a   year of great health."