The First Person to Undergo a Scan with Laniado Hospital’s New CT Machine was Wounded in the Rocket Attack on Moshav Mishmeret


A new CT device, manufactured by General Electric, was introduced this week into Laniado’s Department of Emergency Medicine (ER).    Some one and a half million dollars was invested in the purchase of the device and the construction of an examination room, which is located right in the ER, enabling a precise and rapid diagnosis of injuries and ailments, without the need to send patients elsewhere for testing.

The first patient to undergo imaging tests with the device was wounded in the Hamas rocket attack on Moshav Mishmeret, this past Sunday morning, March 25.  

The new device is the latest in a flurry of development at the Imaging Department.
In several months, two digital DR X-ray rooms are scheduled to open, at an investment of $ 500,000.

"I am pleased that we succeeded in activating the new CT so quickly, in about a month and a half of intensive work,” said Nadav Chen, CEO of Laniado.   “This is a truly good news for the residents of Netanya and the Sharon Region.  The wait for CT scans will be significantly shortened, making it possible to provide quick and efficient treatment. I wish a speedy recovery to our patient from Moshav Mishmeret along with all the others who were wounded in the rocket attack.”